illy collection Mascot Expo 2015
Date: 5-6-2015

To celebrate the partnership between Expo Milan 2015 and illy, illy has created the official cups for Expo decorated with Foody, the Mascot for the event.
The Expo Milano 2015 Mascot, Foody, embodies the key themes of the event in a way that’s upbeat, original and powerful. Foody is honest, wise, respectful and a real fan of healthy, tasty food. Foody also stands for community, diversity and food in the broadest sense, as a source of life and energy. So it makes sense that the Expo Mascot be a family of eleven members, each having their own unique personalities: real characters in their own right, and expressed as a single face. They represent an ideal synergy between those countries in the world who must address the planet’s food challenges, positively and energetically, and united as a true family.
The face of Foody is made up of various fruit and vegetable characters, each with their own character and story. When combined, these characters create the "face" of the Expo: a figure recalling the heads painted by the renaissance artist Arcimboldo.

illy products for EXPO
Date: 4-6-2015
The famous illy espresso cup, designed by Matteo Thun, has been designed to commemorate Expo Milan 2015.

The Watermill Center
Date: 4-6-2015
Not just a cup ! A canvas for masterpieces from the world’s most foremost artists, available in limited quantities and cherished by collectors.

Ultimate Coffee Company Limited - illy solo distributor for Hong Kong & Macau
Date: 01-03-2006
Showroom open to the public by appointment only!
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